Tuesday 21 April 2015

Victoria Plimsolls and Italian Ice Cream

If you buy one thing this month, make sure it's a pair of Victoria plimsolls. I first spotted these last year, but I hesitated and then the moment passed. Not so this year. On a recent trip to Lindfield, Sussex, I visited The Leaping Hare. You can read more about Lindfield here.

This is a small business which houses high quality clothing items and accessories. It's the sort of shop where both you and your mum can find something lovely to add to your wardrobes.

I spied the Victoria plimsolls in the shop window and was overjoyed! If the thought of plimsolls makes you come out in a cold sweat at the remembrance of school PE lessons in vests and leotards, then fear not. These are plimsolls for grown ups.

Trying to settle on a colour from the vast array (you can see the full collection here) is like trying to choose just one flavour of ice cream in an Italian ice cream parlour. You know what I mean. But in the end I opted for the pink -or, the 'framboise'. And so did my mam! So I look forward to the day we both turn up wearing them at the same time...

My favourite design is the Dora because it has all the benefits of wearing your favourite pair of Converse trainers, without looking really clunky. These are slender and the shorter toe means more of your foot is on show, which in turn means your legs look longer. Win, win.

Are they going to revolutionise the shoe world? Unlikely. But they will be your faithful go-to this summer, going perfectly with hazy summer dresses, pastel jeans, chino shorts...and everything else. As a tip, go up a size as they are quite snug.

I've already taken mine out for a spin to Wakehurst Place. These are adventuring shoes and, at £35, they are a snip. Buy them now!

Sarah x

And some touristy shots of Wakehurst Place, Sussex...

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