Tuesday 21 April 2015

Royal for a Day - Hobbs Collection No. 4

Today is the queen's 89th birthday. I can't fathom so many years just yet, so I very much applaud her on this remarkable landmark. This got me thinking about HM's style, which is perhaps slightly off-piste given the generational divide between us. Surely I should be writing only about the Duchess of Cambridge? Not so. All you - or should I say, 'one'  need to do is Google Elizabeth II to see that she has worn some fabulous outfits over the years (my gran is always on the lookout to see what sort of hat the queen is sporting) - as did her mother before her. In fact, royalty paving the sartorial way is nothing new.

While I was looking at these images, I discovered the new Collection No. 4 at Hobbs. These designs are inspired by 18th century royalty: Queen Charlotte's Cottage at Kew Gardens, King George III, and fashionable courtly footwear. The palette is regal, too: verdigris and white gold. It epitomises the elegance and romance we all associate with that period.

The prices are at the mid-high end of the Hobbs scale, so these are investment, special occasion pieces. It's the hub's post-graduation next week and I'm feverishly trying to justify the purchase...it's a one-off occasion, right?!

So, as Lorde put it so eruditely - while 'we'll never be royals', we can definitely dress like them. Even if it's just for a day...

Sarah x

89 today! 

Beautiful in blues and golds.

Courtier shoe in white gold, £139, Hobbs.

Courtier Dress, £189, Hobbs.

Princess Amelia Dress, £249, Hobbs

As above.

My choice: Princess Elizabeth dress, £249, Hobbs.

As above.

As above.

Princess Elizabeth maxi dress, £329, Hobbs.

As above.

Augusta dress, £199, with Princess Elizabeth belt, £49. Both Hobbs. 

Princess Elizabeth pumps, £149, Hobbs.

Courtier pumps in verdigris, as above.

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