Thursday 2 April 2015

Easter baking: Simnel Cake

I've long revered my mother's simnel cake. Every Easter, my brother and I would beg to be able to eat it when it was just out of the oven: it was all gooey marzipan and warm spices. I feel very upset that I can't get back home this Easter weekend to have some. To console myself, I decided to bake my own.  Evidently my ego has been puffed-up by the success of our multi-generational wedding cake, for which I cooked one layer. I think I must have conveniently forgotten the two failed attempts and the bad language that accompanied my baking back in September. How fickle memory is. 

So, today I baked my simnel cake in the name of tradition. I used Delia Smith's recipe - and, you know what? - it worked! It's not burnt, nor is it soggy. It is just right. Make no mistake, this will take a few hours to bake, but it's a labour of love, and it's an inspirational and happy cake. Here's to baking mothers everywhere! 


Happy Easter xxx 

Marzipan cubes in flour. Keep these aside until you're just about ready to put the mixture in the tin.

This is what your mixture should look like before the fruit is added.

This is the complete mixture. It tastes good at this point, too!

Line the tin with greaseproof paper. Make sure the sides are higher than the tin. Put another piece on top and cut a breathing hole in the middle.

I used marzipan to create chicks. I stuck two cocktail sticks in the middle of two same facing chicks and stuck them together using marmalade. You could use apricot jam instead. 

Stick the chicks in using the cocktail sticks. Roll eleven marzipan balls (these traditionally represent the eleven true disciples of Jesus). could just look like you have overly active chicks!?!

A hard afternoon's baking, but it was worth it in the end. Time for tea...

Sarah xXx 

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