Saturday 27 April 2013

Etsy Vintage Wedding Inspiration Mood Boards

I find I am increasingly influenced by memories of my childhood: what I wore, what the adults around me wore and what our house looked like. It’s familiar. I find myself trawling charity shops for replicas of kitchen utensils my grandparents used to have and taffeta and velvet Laura Ashley party dresses.
Anyway, nevermind the psychology behind it, vintage style weddings are in. I have seen some beautiful examples of such weddings and there is a wealth of inspiration out there. If done properly, this can create a beautiful and elegant effect. But get it wrong and you run the risk of making your wedding look like a fancy dress party.
It's important to interpret rather than imitate.
One place I’ve found to be an exceptional source of inspiration is Etsy.
I decided to come up with some mood boards for my favourite eras: Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian, Twenties, Thirties, Fifties.
First up: three 1950s boards (I'm working backwards). I apologise for the crude attempt at this, but I hope they provide you with some ideas.
Think tulle and pastel shades, but don't believe that a 1950s wedding needs to be about knee length dresses.Grace Kelly's beautiful gown achieved a timeless elegance.


Board 1: Mellow Yellow
Pretty and fresh. A combination of subtle citrus shades and soft tulle and silk combine to create a beautiful vintage look. I particularly love the yellow shoe clips and embroidered gloves -a '50s must!

  • Tulle dress: xtabayvintage
  • Bag: GretchenPretties
  • Bow: FlyGirlVintage
  • Earrings: thecherrychic
  • Shoeclips: sassydoggs
  • Gloves: VieuxOaklandVintage
  • Veil: AgnesHart
Board 2: Something Blue

Rule Britannia! This is probably my favourite colour combination and would look exquisite with a simple lavender and hydrangea boquet. The soft sweetheart neckline gives a nod to the fifties and the layering (see my blog on Heavenly Vintage Brides) is dramatic yet feminine. The upcycled clock is a delightfully kitsch addition and guaranteed to set a regal tone. Well, if you can't pretend to be a princess on your wedding day, when can you?
  • Brooch: PearlsScarletVintage
  • Earrings: Lauriechacha
  • Lilac tulle dress: Missionmod
  • Vintage upcycled clock ReigrucheWerkstatt
Board 3: Grace Kelly
Who doesn't remember the Hollywood icon's wedding - the day a 'normal' woman became a princess. Grace Kelly opted for an exquisite ballgown-style dress together with Juliet cap (very 1950s) and veil. She was the picture of elegance and this style - see Kate Middleton's Sarah Burton wedding dress - is transcendent and classic.
  • Wedding dress: FabGabs
  • Lilac dress: Blue Rose Vintage
  • Juliet cap ErmaAndAgnes
  • Brooch MothandMagpie
Colour swatches from The Little Greene Company.
All images from

Which one is your favourite?



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