Saturday 6 April 2013

Le freak, c'est chic!


I've just returned from a lovely long weekend in Paris. Remarkably, this was my first trip; it always just seemed so near and do-able that, in fact, I'd never done it.

Well, I loved it! J'adore Paris! What an amazing city full of cobbles and gargoyles. I really was transfixed by the place and I think I'd like to try to learn French again despite how funny asking locals 'ou est le poisson discotheque?' may be.

Anyway, I digress. I was particularly excited about my trip because it meant I was allowed to SHOP. This might sound exciting in itself, but consider what I felt as I had not been shopping since December 2012. Yes, reader; that's LAST YEAR.


I made a bee-line for Mes Demoiselles.I purchased the beautiful Lily Rose Blue (more lilac) 1920s-inspired dress and a lace top of the same colour. They were a bit of a splurge but I truly love this label. While some of the designs are perhaps a little too boho and whispy for my taste, the overall motif is one of ethereal natural beauty. Plus I love the nod to the roaring '20s. I can pretend to be Daisy Buchanan or Cathy from Singin' in the Rain and float around the streets of London. For me, clothes are as much about the possibilities they conjure as they are the design. And a big bonus with Mes Demoiselles is that their delicate palette compliments pale English skin tones beautifully.


Next, I took a bit of a risk and was also a bit bang-on-trend for my liking. I bought this monochrome striped dress from Sinequanone. I think I'll wear it with a red or dark navy skinny belt as my waist needs all the help it can get. The stripes work for my body type: the horizontal stripes enhance and enlarge a small bust (avoid if you're blessed with boobs) and the vertical stripes elongate the pins. It is so comfortable and I know it will look amazing with a sprinkle of a tan and pumps or wedges in the summer. And some pink or red lipstick.


I spied these gorgeous 'blue suede shoes' in the window of a shop outside our hotel on Rue de Richelieu. These are made by Les Venues. I was torn between the blue and pink, but I decided the blue would go well with my engagement dress (I can't wait to tell you all about that).

I bought these beautifully patterned bowls from Sabre Paris - perfect for fruit and snacks. The muted colours have a lovely vintage oriental feel. I can't wait to show them off at our next dinner party.


Et voila! And there you have it. This is what a girl who hasn't bought anything in three months buys on her first trip to Paris.


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