Tuesday 11 March 2014

Good Morning Vietnam: what to wear on holiday!

I hate February. There, I said it. February, I hate you with all the fervour I can muster. No wonder it's the shortest month.

And I'm not terribly keen on March either.

But all this hatred does do one thing. And that is it makes me ever more grateful and appreciative of the days of sunshine ahead. 

If you're like me and have been suffering from serious Vitamin D deficiency and pissed-off-with-rain-itis, this post will be your light at the end of the tunnel. Because this week I'm talking holiday clothes.

The fiancé and I decided we'd had enough a couple of weeks ago and booked extortionately priced flights to Vietnam - and it was the best decision. I'm officially on holiday countdown - 6 days to go.

I have realised one problem, though, and that is I haven't got a stitch to wear!

Okay, slight exaggeration. I do, in fact, have far too many clothes. 

But holiday clothes are different. They must transform me from weary worker to beach bum...I mean, babe.

So, I've taken inspiration from sunnier days: as a four year old I was an enormous fan of 1980s Kylie Minogue and there are far too many photographs of me singing into nail polish bottles to 'Hand on Your Heart'. To be perfectly honest, not an awful lot has changed since. 

But I digress! It's no coincidence that we tend to look to our past when choosing home decor - and the same is true of clothing. We associate happy, stress-free times with our childhood, so that's what I'll be channeling this year: Sarah, circa 1989. What does that mean? High waists (super flattering on almost everyone - no more Britney-esque low rise), denim, knotted shirts and lots of smiling. Add to this a nod to Scandi-style (read: crisp whites and cool blues) and my backpack is happy.

Needless to say I've been shopping recently - and here's what I'll be packing: 

Kylie! Woo!
Casual Chambray Shirt, £29, Topshop
Amelia Dress, £40, Allium B
Hepburn Midi Dress, $275, Erin Fetherston

Lottie Dress, £55, Seasalt

ASOS Tiffany Midi Dress, £85

Sunflower Sun Dress, £110, French Connection
Leaf Print Organza Dress, £234, Geeks and Stitches

MOTO Bleach Shorts, £30, Topshop
Powder Blue Top, £24.95, Joules
Monte Carlo Dress, from £69, Boden
Short Sleeved Dress, £52, Jack Wills
MOTO Fit and Flare Dress, £38, Topshop

Boheme Dress, Ganni, euro139.90
Crinkle Frill Dress, £28, Topshop

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