Friday 28 March 2014

Easter Dresses

Easter brings back such happy memories of parades, Easter bonnets and sunshine. It's perhaps the most mellow and relaxing celebration: you just know that the long, dark nights are over and sunshine and happy days lie ahead. 

As a treat, my grandparents would buy me a dress to wear with a handmade bonnet. While others went to the fair or the beach on Good Friday, we were always in our new outfits and - come rain or shine - at the parade. Easter was not for the beach or the fair; we were always taught that it was a time for family - and food. Easter Sunday tea was always at our house. My mother would cook a roast and then we'd have sandwiches, sausage rolls, celery and cheese for tea, followed by an enormous piece of gooey Simnel cake. Indeed, the focus on family is something I still very much believe in. Whenever I hear the throb of the drums, my heart still flutters and brings the memories of these bygone days to the forefront of my mind. 

And one tradition I've naturally been very keen to preserve is the new dress for Easter...

I'd still make and wear an Easter bonnet, too, if I didn't suspect that the fiancĂ© would disown me. 

As always, I'm only interested in timeless pieces. This should be a dress to stand the test of time and bring with it fond memories. 

So, what do you want from this dress? Channel literal dressing a la the Duchess of Cambridge. The logical solution therefore: mini eggs. 

No, I'm not going mad - and I'm not suggesting you wear an egg-printed outfit (but if you do, please send me a photograph!) - the colours are perfect for this season. If you prefer, look to seasonal flowers: lilac and purple crocuses, pink and cream tulips, and bright yellow daffodils (otherwise known as the colours of mini eggs! A-ha!).

Vintage styles work well for this, too. Channel tea parties and parades of old: keep the neckline decent, the hem around the knees, and ensure the skirt has sufficient swoosh, (you'll be grateful after all those Easter eggs!).

Happy Easter everyone; here's to a glorious weekend of family, sunshine and cakey delights.

As it should be.


P.S. I've included a Florence and Fred (Tesco) dress. I wonder if you can spot it...

1: Vivienne Westwood £315
2: Zara £39.99
3: Hobbs £129
4: F&F at Tesco £25
5: Hobbs £139
6: People Tree (Orla Kiely) £85
7: Hobbs £139
8: Orla Kiely £648

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