Saturday 9 August 2014

The Hiatus

The last time I wrote anything here was before we travelled to Vietnam and Cambodia. That was in April...and now it's August. But, I think that is the way of writing. I began a few posts and then they dwindled in my mind and I lost my way.

In the meantime, I got a new job, continued to plan our wedding (10 weeks to go!) and we did the craziest thing of all: we moved to the countryside. 

That's right. We left London - roaring, chaotic, heady London - and bought a house in a village in West Sussex. I still haven't quite got used to that and I keep sneaking back into town just to remind myself that it's still there, though the extortionate rail fares (I'm looking at you, Southern) are doing a good job of keeping me home. 

My friends received the news of our flight from the city with mixed emotions. Some envied us and the unlimited fresh air which will eventually unclog our sooty lungs; others bluntly enquired as to the state of our mental capacity to make such a decision. I don't regret it for an instant. Whereupon I used to wage war with angry shoppers, I am now embroiled in a bloody - mostly mine - battle against bindweed. Not heard of that? Move to the country and you soon will. We now have a garden with a heavily laden apple tree; we collect raspberries to put on our breakfast and we have fresh mint for our Pimms. 

So, you see, I've been lost in the pretence of pretending to be a member of the Bloomsbury Set sojourning in Sussex...only without the writing part. But I have not forgotten. And once I have cooked all the apples and blackberries I will be back to share the loveliest of dresses and, of course, our wedding plans. 

Winging your way soon:
the yummiest apple and blackberry pie recipe
our engagement photographs, taken by Rik Pennington, on location in St. James Park. 


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