Saturday 11 May 2013

Beautiful Wedding Dresses Backs and Backless

Women are blessed with different virtues: some have to-die-for pins; others have an amazing derrière; others never suffer from bingo wings.

But one thing that tends to be common across most women is a good back. So let's bring Sexy Back.

Style is all about dressing to your strengths. And throughout history women have acknowledged the subtle - yet powerful - allure of revealing the neck and back area as opposed to too much boob or too much leg.

And in particular, if there's one event where people are going to be focused on your back for a prolongued period of time, it's your wedding day. So while it's important the dress looks beautiful from the front, it's a good idea it looks spectacular from the back, too.

Below are some of my favourite 'sexy back' wedding dresses: 
One of the most beautiful designs I've ever seen. I just love the combination of pastel shades and delicate lace. The keyhole back adds a subtle allure while remaining demure and elegant. From Claire Pettibone.

Sonnet from An Earthly Paradise by Claire Pettibone. Ivory linen with iridescent lace streamers and jeweled floral embellishments. Detachable capelet included.
Draped tulle and lace from Jane Bourvis.
Veluz Reyes
1920s-inspired dress discovered in a shop in Paris. Silk crepe bodice with lace sleeves and skirt. The dusky pink silk ribbon adds a feminine and striking finish.
Delicate detailing with tulle straps and silk flowers.


Ivory cotton, silk, tulle and velvet cross-back embroidered gown with beaded ribbon flowers and detachable train.


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