Monday 9 December 2013

The Nutcracker Christmas theme decoration party

Decking the Halls

We do a lot of entertaining around Christmastime and I love decorating our little postage stamp with beautiful things to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Often the trickiest part is deciding on the general 'theme'. This does not mean I go out and buy a new set of decorations every year to suit my whim, rather I try to give a subtle nod and wink to a Christmas story.

I take my inspiration from traditions of Christmas past combined with nature. We're fortunate enough to live between the commons, so a crisp walk often provides me with lots of my ideas. 

This year we chose The Nutcracker. This is perhaps my favourite Christmas story, for it encompasses the essential ingredients of merriment: magic, dancing and childhood belief.

I thought about the key elements of the story: a majestic Christmas tree, snowflakes, dancing and of course the Nutcracker and the Sugar Plum Fairy. And this is what I came up with:

From top left (clockwise): red gown (£50 Charity Shop); card (£2.50, Bronte Parsonage and Museum); musical snow globe (£20, Gisela Graham); Cake Stand (£25 for a painting session at a local pottery cafe); Santa Russian Doll (£1.50 from a market in Goa, India); star tea-light holder (Cox&Cox); Bowl (White Company); wooden angel (local craft fair); Nisa man (£7.95 York); Star (handmade by my Mam); Clara and the Nutcracker (Halinka's Fairies); Christmas cake (my own, decorated with trees, ballerinas and edible glittery stars - decorations available from any good craft/cook shop).

Merry Christmas! x
On earth peace 
Good will toward men.

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