Thursday 5 December 2013

Lucy Choi Wedding Shoes Jimmy Choo Gold Sequin

It's a cliche, but I think Cinderella is probably my favourite Disney princess. 

I love Sleeping Beauty's hair and I still can't decide which colour I prefer for her dress, (probably the blue); Belle has that massive library and ladders to swing around on; Ariel has the best songs, the best hair and I love that sparkly dress at the end. 

But Cinderella has the glass slippers. And I defy any woman to tell me she doesn't secretly hope to one day be the owner of the foot that fits into that glass slipper.

I know, I know, it's Disney and I'm now apparently a grown-up. And really - glass slippers would be hideously uncomfortable.

But they are dazzling.

Sparkly shoes have never really gone out of fashion, but they're certainly enjoying a huge resurgence in popularity at present. From glitter and sequins to chain mail-effect, sparkle is back in a big way.

Enter Lucy Choi, niece of shoe God, Jimmy Choo. 

If you haven't heard about this woman, you must have been living under a rock. Or a mountain of dull shoes. Either way, you need to acquaint yourself - sharpish.

I visited the Telegraph Shopping Event at Fenwick Bond Street last night. As I walked in, style guru Hilary Alexander casually handed me a leaflet, then after drifting upstairs amid a delightful haze of mulled wine and mince pies, I saw the most beautiful shoes in London. 

So in awe was I that when the female assistant dressed in a black lace and sequin-embellished dress asked if I needed any help, I vacantly replied, 'no, thank you,' then returned to admiring them.

A couple of mulled wines later, my willpower abandoned me as I realised I most certainly DID have an excuse to try on the shoes: my wedding. And with this clarity of thought came the realisation that the aforementioned well-dressed 'assistant' was in fact Lucy Choi herself!

See, wine is good for the memory after all.

The shoes I tried on were the glittering gold 'Venice' courts - complete with big gold bows. They fit like a dream and felt as though I were walking on cotton wool. The heel height is 60mm, which is perfect for occasions when you're going to be on your feet (and dancing!) while also being high enough to lengthen your pins. I was sold.

As I gushed to Lucy and one of the shop assistants (and just about everyone else within earshot) about our wedding plans, the fiancĂ© was having palpitations at the prospect of the price. Imagine his relief and delight when he discovered they were £200 (no, not cheap - but, when paying for excellent craftsmanship and comfort, this is very reasonable) - and with the 20% discount they were £160 AND even better - I received a free matching clutch. Wheee!

Cinderella, eat your heart out: my shoes are sparkly AND comfy.

I'm very cross that I have to wait until October to wear them, but it will be worth it when I'm still dancing in the early hours of the morning. However, I think in the meantime - you know, just to ensure I don't wear them before the wedding - I may need to buy another pair. 

I've got my eye on these...

A gorgeous shade of steel-blue and sparkly, too. The unashamedly perfect party shoes.

Electric blue works so well at this time of year, reflecting the beautiful night skies as winter closes in. These shoes will add an edge to any outfit and provide a cool transition from work to play. 

Very on-trend and ideal for those who don't fancy donning an entirely tartan outfit. These shoes will dance you through to the New Year in style. 

So wonderful I could cry! Sexy, daring and guaranteed to receive many envious double-takes. 

This demure design is reminiscent of ballet shoes and conjures magical remembrances of snowflakes and sugarplums. Perfect for a bride, or to add a touch of added elegance to your winter frocks.

Described as the 'ultimate princess shoe'. Yep.

Teamed with black tights these are the perfect mix of court and ankle boot. I noticed Lucy was wearing these last night and they added a sharp finish to her lace dress. These will be your wardrobe staple for years to come.

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I don't know about you ladies, but I think it's time to write my letter to Santa...

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