Sunday 7 September 2014

The Hat Maketh the Woman

I like a good hat.

I've rambled a little about them before on here, but those were always for specific events, (races, weddings and the like). But, a hat isn't just for social events. Hats can make an outfit.

Every winter for the past three years I've bought myself a hat. I've lost count of the number of times I've been stopped in the street to ask where I bought them (which I always love). I think because they went out of fashion for so long and were replaced by sidewards caps circa 1988, there exists a legacy of uncertain women. I was encouraged by someone I bumped into in Liberty a couple of years ago. She was wearing a wonderful pink felt hat with her mac and boots. The hat took an ordinary outfit and made it phenomenal.

'Everyone was looking at her with serious chapeau-envy. And she knew it.'

The first was a tweed and velvet creation and I bought it because it reminded me of the outfits in A Little Princess. Seriously.

 The second was a wool and velvet navy cloche from, rather unexpectedly, John Lewis. It was a nod to Downton Abbey series 2. Are you seeing a pattern here?

 Well, I just bought this year's addition. And, in a slight departure from the other two, I opted for a beret.

 Think 1960s mod rather than garlic and breton stripes. I chose the Winter Beret from Cabbages and Roses. I want my life to look like a scene from the Cabbages and Roses photographs, so over the past couple of years I've been amassing a collection of their clothes and accessories. I now own a tartan dress, a massive tartan cashmere scarf, a wide brimmed straw hat and now this. The quality is second to none, so I don't regret the price tags. If you want quality and craftsmanship, this is the company for you.

 I'll be teaming this hat with a black roll neck top from Boden, a red wool skirt from eBay, black tights, and black ankle boots from Shoe Embassy through the week and with a slouchy oatmeal jumper and a navy mini skirt at the weekend. Autumn clothes are the best.

The big bow in A Little Princess
Beret Bombshell
Lady Mary's cloche
Gorgeous slouchy velvet from TurbanDiva on Etsy 
Winter Beret from Cabbages and Roses


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