Friday 29 November 2013

Handmade, Personalised Bridesmaid Invitations

This week I asked three of my wonderful friends to be my bridesmaids. Yay!

I mulled over how to do this for far too long (I do enjoy making a faff) - quite the opposite to my fiancé who asked two of his friends to be his best men as I flipped pancakes on Shrove Tuesday. It wasn't the sort of moment I'd imagined, but the boys were more than happy.

But that was never going to work for me. I wanted to tell the girls why I wanted them to be such an important part of our day, but without soppy gushiness. Our friendships are, after all, based on a sturdy foundation of hilarious stories, lots of laughter and shared confidences. 

Then this idea popped into my head and I wanted to share it with you because it made them smile. 

Peppermint creams and bridesmaid storyboard


What you need:

A5 watercolour paper (or similar) - one piece per bridesmaid,
Gold pen,
A little patience and a good memory...

Step 1

Choose between 8 and 12 memories of you and your friend. I needed to sketch these out before drawing them onto the watercolour paper. Draw arrows to link them chronologically to trace your 'story'. Stick people work well - and they're easy peasy!

Step 2

On the back, write the same invite, which should include the date and perhaps some tongue-in-cheek 'bridesmaid duties'. 

Step 3 

Roll up the invitations and tie them with a 'to have and to hold' (or other pretty) ribbon.

Step 4

To finish, I put them inside a woven heart with a parcel of homemade peppermint creams. 

And there we are. A lovely personalised bridesmaid invitation for each of your girls.


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