Sunday 22 September 2013

Autumn Fashion

As I walked through the park this chilly Monday morning my headphones were all minor chords and crescendos, but I realised that the faint nip in my fingers and cheeks was in fact a welcome relief to the scorching summer sun of recent weeks.

A silky golden glow dripped from the leaves and low mists frothed between frosty tree trunks. One of the perks of my hideous commute (which I complain about ALL the time) is those precious early morning moments. Autumn is a beautiful season. Nay, it's a magical season. 

The key recipe for dressing this season:
a dash of individuality;
a sprig of eccentricity;
a heapful of cosiness. 

Tartan is your friend. More so this year because it was all over the A/W 2013 catwalks. But tartan is a loyal comrade through every chilly season. Invest in a key piece and wear it over and over again. My personal staple is a Cabbages and Roses cashmere Stewart tartan scarf. It's huge and soft and wonderful. I also have a trapeze dress in red tartan which is my "Christmas wrapping dress".

But don't forget other shades and patterns. Too much tartan and you might find yourself arguing with a drunk outside Wetherspoons (this happened to me - I blamed the tartan's aggressive heritage).

Reds, plums, purples...all wonderful. Electric blue is also having a moment and I'm a fan. Black will always work. 

And for something a little less stereotypical, try green or crisp white. 

Team with the loveliest, chunkiest knitwear and a rosy smile. 

Alberton Dress, Toast, £135

Cabbages and Roses

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